Youth Engagement

LINX Youth Space

LINX Youth Space is a place for young people aged between 12 and 25 years who live in the Wynnum/Manly area to chill out, participate in activities and workshops, get information on other services regarding art, music projects, and competitions, and access resources and other support services.

The drop-in centre is open on Monday to Wednesday 3pm-5:30pm, and Thursday and Friday 3pm-8pm.

It offers many things but fundamentally it provides supervised socialising and is a space where BABI is available to young people who come along to help with anything they need.

BABI’s Youth Worker supervises the drop-in centre.

Young people who come along can: hang out and chat; jump on a computer; play the Playstation; have a game of chess or play some other board game; do some art; look for a job; key up a resume, help out around BABI and get help for any issue they are encountering.

It is a relaxed and safe environment which offers:

  • A place (free from discrimination and judgment) to hang out and join in positive activities and projects;
  • Opportunities for social interaction and social development;
  • A way of connecting youth to their community;
  • Positive role models;
  • Opportunities for positive engagement and personal development;
  • Opportunities for participation in sports and recreational activities;
  • Provision of information and referral to other services, based on the individual needs of young people;
  • Opportunities for participation in decision-making process and discussions around issues relevant to young people and their lives; and
  • Meaningful interactions and relationship building as well as building on existing support networks.

The space provides facilities to meet for organised activities and resources to help young people get together, get involved, get heard and get active in the life of their community.  It also provides onsite support from staff who can help young people plan their ideas and connect to others who can help.

For enquiries about LINX contact Maddie at BABI on 3393 4176 or email

The LINX Youth Space Program was created as part of the Brisbane City Council’s Youth Strategy.  LINX Youth Space is proudly supported and funded by Brisbane City Council.

Living Skills Program

Living Skills activities are delivered through the LINX program at our Youth Space, Seventy-8.  All activates are open to young people from 12 to 25 years at no cost.

Livings Skills provides an opportunity for young people to engage in activities they otherwise might not experience such as yoga, personal training, lyric writing and art.  It also provides a space for young people to learn important life skills such as cooking, budgeting and self-care.

Watch BABI’s Facebook and Instagram pages for information about upcoming Living Skills activities.  For further information, phone 3393 4176 or email 

Living Skills Programs are part of the wider Youth Engagement Program funded by the Brisbane City Council.

Community Youth Space (Seventy-8)

Seventy-8 is an after-hours youth space which commenced operation in mid-2022.  It strives to fill a gap in the local community by providing a safe place for youth, to gather, and participate in early intervention and prevention programs in a friendly inclusive environment.

It is open to all local young people, aged between 12 and 25 years and is open Monday to Wednesday 3pm-5:30pm, and Thursday and Friday 3pm-8pm.

While Seventy-8 is open to and welcomes all local young people, it specifically endeavours to support those who:

  • are ‘at-risk’ (e.g. experiencing poor mental health, homelessness, family violence, youth offending, suicidal thoughts)
  • experience disadvantage (e.g. social isolation, poverty, family breakdown)
  • have limited opportunities for participation in the social and cultural life of the community
  • lack family and other social supports in their life
  • are at risk of disengaging or have disengaged from school and education
  • are at risk of or are currently involved with youth justice, on community orders or exiting youth detention
  • are referred by the Queensland Police Service.

Young people who attend, work with qualified, highly skilled, and friendly staff who are passionate about seeing every young person reach their potential and find their motivation.  Seventy-8 provides a soft entry point to therapeutic interventions and other support services based on the individual needs and interests of each young person.

Those who attend can participate in workshops and activities that focus on:

  • Building independence, resilience and life skills including the ability to work in a team
  • Increasing physical & mental health and wellbeing
  • Building self-esteem and confidence
  • Increasing participation in sports and recreational activities
  • Connecting young people with their community and support services based on their needs and interests (e.g. housing, mental health services, school, employment and training)
  • Reducing anti-social behaviour and building positive community connections

Watch posts on BABI’s Facebook and Instagram pages to learn what activities are planned in the coming period.  For more information about Seventy – 8 contact BABI on 3393 4176 or email

Community Youth Space – Seventy-8 is currently funded until March 2024 by the Australian Government under their Safer Communities Program.

School Holiday Programs

BABI delivers a School Holiday Program in Dec-Jan, June-July, and Sept-Oct every year.  The programs are supported by qualified Youth Workers, at no cost.

The programs are open to young people aged 12-25 years who live, study or have strong connections to the Wynnum/Manly community and the surrounds.

The programs offer those who attend the opportunity to make valuable connections with their community and peers.  They also provide the opportunity to develop leadership skills and better social and emotional skills.  The program offers a safe space, and provides young people an opportunity to connect and develop friendships with others.

Information about the programs is distributed to all local youth and community networks, local schools, youth agencies and to the general community.  It is also available on BABI’s Facebook and Instagram pages

Activities may include:

  • Movie days;
  • Arts and crafts;
  • Ten Pin Bowling;
  • Ice Skating;
  • Laser Force;
  • Games and Trivia sessions;
  • Music workshops;
  • Board games;
  • Putt Putt Golf;
  • Cooking; and
  • Roller Skating.

While we try to accommodate everyone, the School Holiday Program is very popular; placement on activities are not guaranteed. The BABI Team considers many different factors when deciding who will be placed of what activity.

Further information about school holiday programs can be obtained by phoning 3393 4176 or emailing

School Holiday programs are part of the wider Youth Engagement Program funded by the Brisbane City Council.

BayWave Youth Festival

BABI together with the local community have been delivering this youth festival every April for over 10 years.  It is the longest running youth festival in the area. BayWave Festival showcases the talent, hard work and commitment of our local young people through the arts, sports and volunteering.

The festival features music, dance, skate boarding and performance as well as community stalls.  Activities include rock climbing, skirmish, games and crafts.  Come along and get involved in the day – the more the merrier!

BayWave Festival is partially funded by the Brisbane City Council.  Project partners include:

  • Winnam
  • Headspace
  • Silky Oaks
  • Yulu-Burri-Ba
  • The Benevolent Society

Comprehensive information about BayWave Festival is posted on BABI’s Facebook and Instagram pages early each year.

More information about BayWave Festival is available by contacting BABI on 3393 4176 or emailing

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