Neighbourhood Complaints

BABI manages various community housing properties in the Wynnum, Manly and Redlands areas. For property management you can find further information by clicking here.

The Queensland Department of Justice have produced a Neighbourhood Mediation Kit for self managed dispute resolution options. We encourage all members of the community to firstly attempt resolving an issues directly with whom your issue relates where safe to do so. BABI can support you in this process where the issue relates to a tenancy we manage.

Alternatively, if you have attempted to resolve a specific tenancy issue or tenancy-related complaint (e.g. excessive noise/property damage) please complete the online Neighbourhood Complaints form or contact our office directly.

PLEASE NOTE:  It is not part of BABI’s tenancy management role to respond to personal grievances and disagreements for more information please contact our Office on 3393 4176.

General Complaints & Appeals

You have the right to complain or appeal decisions made by the organisation without fear of it affecting the service you receive. Complaints and appeals will be dealt with fairly, quickly and confidently. As a service user, you may register a complaint in a variety of ways: verbally, over the telephone, in writing, or through a formal Complaint/Appeals Form available  from our office.

You can also choose to complete the online Complaints & Appeals form.

Although anonymous complaints will be accepted and acted upon, if insufficient information is provided, it may impact on how BABI Youth and Family Service can deal with the complaint or whether it deals with it at all.

You  may like a support person to help you make a complaint.  This might be another BABI worker, interpreter, friend, family, or representative from another service.

The following steps are to be used as a guide and at any time you may skip a step if it is better to move to another step.

The Steps You Can Take:

Step One
  • Approach the staff member or Services Manager concerned to seek an explanation.
  • If you do not feel comfortable with approaching that person on your own, you can ask another BABI worker to help you with this eg discuss what to do, or to go with you.
Step Two
  • If you are still unhappy after talking directly with the person concerned, then you may wish to talk to or write to the General Manager to discuss the matter further.
Step Three
  • The General Manager will acknowledge the receipt of your complaint within 5 working days. The General Manager will then investigate your complaint and let you know of the outcome within 21 working days.
Step Four
  • If you are still not satisfied with the outcome, you can make a request in writing to BABI Board of Management, to review the decision.
Step Five
  • You can choose to discuss the matter with an external body, which includes the Department of Child Safety, Youth and Women, the Department of Housing and Public Works or the Department of Employment, Small Business and Training to discuss the issue, Local MP, Dispute Resolution Centre, Queensland Ombudsmen or RTA. We are happy to give you the contacts for these upon your request. Please contact BABI Office on 3393 4176.